It just takes a little Planning

The devil is in the details, and this is where I am comfortable. Taking the time to learn your needs to implement the best possible technical solutions

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Easy Integration

Your event team spends months of planning out all the details of your show to bring forth your message.
Bringing in an Event Specialist/Technical Director can help ease the painful process of merging your idea with the technical elements involved with content integration and deployment.
Don't just take my word for it, here is one of the best thought leaders in the A/V Indusrty

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Time Tested Support

Having been in the Audio Visual Industry since 1986, I've seen what works, and what doesn't. I have years of "best practices" already working in my toolkit

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Why Us?

I know how to take your ideas from Design Concept to Implementation.
Every event we work on starts on a fresh piece of paper to create a unique custom fitted solution, utilizing the most cost efficiant solutions available. From stand alone events to multi city tours, we work with your needs to find the best solutions.

Research? Absolutley! I spend countless hours talking, reading and putting my hands on the latest and greatest equiment and software to test useabilty, functionality, testing for the ROI and differentiating between performance and what is "Salesperson Hype"
I've been on the forefront of Ultrawide Screen Productions since 2007. Video and all aspects of what this entails for a live production has been my passion since the beginning.
Since 1986, I've been offered the privelage of doing Live events from Bali to Barcelona and every popular destination within the Unites States. All within Budget and all on-time.

Recent Projects

These are only a small set of some of our favorite work projects

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Immersion San Diego Convention Center

Complete Experiencial walk thru tunnel.
Built with twin 30x10 screens and a 16x9 hung "portrait style"
We utilized (0.37) Ulrta short throw Lensing on the side screens due to the distance from the walls required for the 4,000 expected attendees

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Trend Setting

During 2014 We were tasked to create a unique idea on a well used theme. Top Gun in San Diego. We Utilized a 5 destination, executed on a a Spyder X20 with Supporting Media Servers to Complete the "Mapping" of the surface

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Fresh Style Philosophy

During Early 2016 we were approached to assist in coordinating all the details that go into a large multi-screen multi boxed event.
This was a fun event utilizing multiple destinations on the screens but also "Mapping" the images as one large piece for several of the video element.


Event Switching

Wether your needs are for camera single destination events or large Multi-Destination screens

  • Camera Switching
  • Spyder X20 and X80
  • Barco E2
Email me

Project Managment

Wether your project is 30 days out or 12 months, Let's talk about ideas to generate a succesful event

  • Over 30 years of A/V experience
  • Vectorworks Capable
  • On time and on Budget
Shall we talk?

Content Manager

From screen content to Event analytics, I have the Ideas and resources to help you get to your WOW factor

  • No Cookie Cutter thinking
  • Advanced Event analytics and Data Metrices
  • "In" and "out" of the box ideas with proven results
Lets talk ideas!


Please feel free to click on the pics!
Nested within are some of the detials about each event!

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Experience Tunnel

Clean & Minimalistic Design

I was approached during the predesign phase early in 2016 for the MLB.COM event in San Diego.
We were tasked with creating a unique design that was "Budget Conscious", while providing the greatest impact for the attendees.

Technical Director: Jim Heggarty

Executive Producer: Marc Burton

Project Manager Jake Setser

Projectionist: Thomas Irwin

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The Art of the Show

Clean & Minimalistic Design

When Palo Alto Networks reached out to us and said they wanted to do a "Top Gun" themed event in San Diego, we really started to put out the idea that we should stylize it unlike any other we have seen in years of doing this theme.

Thats when we decided to pitch the "Hanger Scene".....
and Thats what we delivered!
A never before used idea in a popular event space that has seen this theme used 100's of times already.
And yes, They rode in on minituare electric motorcycles

Technical Director: Jim Heggarty

Project Manager: Chris Lopez

Supporting AV Company: Video West, Inc.

Client: Palo Alto Networks

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Art Of Effective Engineering

Clean & Minimalistic Design

PSAV reached out to us for Video Consulting for their "in-house" leadership meeting.
For this event they chose to utilize Christie Pandora Media servers.
My task was to assist with all the mathematics involved to pull off a succsesful event
Working closely not only with one of their Senior Project Managers, but with top executives from the various Global divisions.
Content was flawlessy delivered, to not only the independant screens, but across the entire pixel area.

Project Manager: Barton Bentzin

Head Video Engineer Jim Heggarty

Client: PSAV

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Art Of Colaboration

Clean & Minimalistic Design

When Living Color Events, reached out to us with thier clients idea, we rose to the challange.
The client's opening content was created as a single surface, spanning the screens, the LED wall, and the Pixel Bar 40's.
The end result was stunning and Pandora Radio was happy!

Technical Director: Jim Heggarty

Executive Producer: Marc Burton

Project Manager Jake Setser

EIC: David Powell

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Art Of Switching

Clean & Minimalistic Design

I have always enjoyed directing cameras from very early on in my career. Since then I have mixed cameras and screen for 100's of musical artists and 1000's of events.

Wether your event is a corporate party, a national touring act, or even a state fair. I would love to talk to you about switching for your show.

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Your event is more than a Mish mashed collection of breakouts and a general session room. It’s about communicating your message, to your audience, your key partners as well as newcomers to the event. This is the one time a year you have all of your key people, all in place, at one time.
With over 30 years of events I've never lost sight of that, Your event should never let the high tech eclipse the personal engagement you strive to provide to your audience.

Company History

I founded Heggarty Holdings in 2009. Starting with just a couple laptops and a Spyder X20.

Event Content

Do you need a branding workup for an event?
We know what works on the screen. We have seen how the smallest details over looked can effect your presentation.
We work with some of the best graphics artists in the country. Talk to us

Web Development

Do you need a webpage developed for your event?
Do you need a way to engage with your Presenters while keeping them on track and on time? Do you need a way to distribute their content across your event breakout rooms?

Digital Signage

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Data Analytics

We have great resources for attendee tracking, heat mapping, and attendee engagement

Equipment Rental

We can supply your event with top of the line switchers of all types, Spyder x20, x80, Barco E2, Panasonic and Black Magic, along with projectors and LED walls

Phoenix Main Office

My home office is located in Scottsdale, AZ which I happily share with Mommas, Boy and Lylah the dog!
If your interested in a little personal information, check out our Social Media Links below.
Still not enough? Find me HERE!